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As I set out – this time for real! – to rid my life, universe and everything from unwanted and unneeded stuff, I realise immediately that I cannot do it alone. My daughters, both 4 years old, I will not depend on to help me. They help me enough by being a clear priority in my life and I will grant them the right to make a four-year-olds mess in my house and life as they grow up. It’s the price we pay. My guy is already up to his eyebrows in clearing out my mess so I will not burden him any further. Also, I will turn elsewhere for advice because having one’s partner in life as a decluttering coach is probably a recipe for relationship train wreck. Let’s not go there. Luckily, there are already some quite helpful resources available via the internet. I will be using the basic principles of two of them.


See this nice lady? This here is Dinah Sanders. I ‘met’ her through an amazing and now eradicated website called and she wrote a book about Discardia. Discardia is a holiday especially designed to get rid of the stuff you don’t need: actual physical things around the house but also newsletter subscriptions that clutter your mailbox, friendships that drag you down instead of lifting you up, thoughts that really are no help at all, etc. The (e)book is available on the website ( but also through Amazon if you insist. I got in on my iPad. The basic principle is this: Make room for awesomeness. As long as there is clutter, there is less room for you (i.e. me) to be the awesome person that I am. With that I am depriving the world of… Well anyway, awesome beats clutter. I will come back to some of the things that the book describes.

UfyHlogoAnd then there is this. Unfuck your habitat. Autocorrect keeps insisting that I turn it into ‘unfrock’ but it is definitely ‘unfuck’ that we are looking for here. Because the habitat is for sure fucked up. I have clothes I never wear, bikes that are too small for the kids, books I don’t read, dreams I don’t like, habits I should drop, and so on and so forth. The basic principle of Unfuck your Habitat: You’re better than your mess. UfyH has an app and it’s one of the first (after Buddhify) that I immediately copied when I got a new phone. I simply need that thing. The Unfucking Challenge (random assignments for a given amount of time) and the 20/10 aspect are incredibly helpful. I will explain these further too at a later stage.

So there we have it: my main tools for getting and keeping my life, home, work, universe in place. And this blog of course because nothing kicks a human being more in the nuts (of either gender) than accountability.


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