‘Do what you can.’ Oh gods, for a messy and lazy person, these are words that save our souls. It is easy to give up halfway through a cleaning session because, well, you did what you can, right? Um, no. Do what you can, can also mean do what you can. As in, stop making excuses and do it already because by gods we know you can! It is this attitude that underpins UfyH, or Unfuck your Habitat, a wonderful site&app that completely changed the way I regarded cleaning my house. I used to have this image in my head of a person, usually my mother, taking hours to clean this and that and the windows. I don’t have time for that! my messy and lazy mind immediately tells me and I plop down my bag in a corner and park my hiney behind the computer screen. That screen is going to kill me one day, I swear. If the mess in my house doesn’t kill me first. It creeps up on me, making me stressed, telling me at all times that I am failing. It is a nasty nagging Gollum of a voice. I have always been more of a Sam than a Frodo (except for the hard work bit) and I want to kill that thing! Well, let’s.

Let’s start with the basic principles of UfyH and work from there. Such as? 20 minutes is not a long time. PUT IT AWAY. Most of the rest of our mess is because we have too much stuff and not enough places to put it. GET OFF YOUR ASS. “When your flat surfaces are clear, you feel like you’re making serious progress.” YOU DO NOT HAVE TO UNFUCK EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. (In fact, you shouldn’t. That’s how burnout happens. One thing at a time.) TAKE BREAKS. (It’s important for your state of mind.) You can only change your own habits. A little effort now saves you a lot of work in the long run. And finally: STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

I love those guys. (Check the full UfyH fundamentals here.)

With these principles in mind, this habitat could be cleared eventually. Right? Yesss my precioussss.

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