We need a plan!

Ah yes, the old trap. I know it well and I fell into it yet again. I have started before I had any idea where I am going or how I am going to get there. Maybe, just maybe, it is time to make a solid plan before half-reading things and heading out into the wilderness, like I usually do. I realise that this is my primary way of thinking and learning, and that it has brought me many fine things in life – I am not stupid nor ignorant after all – but that it does leave room for improvement. If anything, it will be good to try and train my patience.

And so I have decided to make a proper project of it.

Throughout my long and impressive varied career after obtaining a Master’s in ethnomusicology (there is such a thing), I have been involved in many different activities in the areas of music, education, culture and arts, writing and generally making a living. A lot of these things required setting up, doing and describing projects of various shapes and forms. This ranged from research projects with artists working on an abstract level, to having a specific set of instruments made and shipped overseas. The one thing these have in common: a plan.

What do we need for a plan? We need an idea of the current situation and we need to understand why the plan is even necessary. That would be step 1.
We need to formulate the specific goals of the project, and our concrete objectives in the short and long run. That would be step 2.
We need a method, either existing or newly devised, that matches our goals and objectives. It doesn’t hurt to ‘borrow’ from others in making this method for the project, as long as we acknowledge the people who made the bricks and mortar for our own. (step 3)
We need some idea of location and planning for the project. The location I think we have nailed: my house and my home and my life. I never said it was all straightforward! But that’s what it is. As for planning, well, I need to think about it but I am guessing it will take a year at least to get to the short-term goals. (step 4)
We need to identify our context as well, both in terms of other projects (things like work, life and love, friends and family, the need for sitting on your ass with a cuppa tea once in a while) and other people. Two four-year-olds in the house is a challenge. A helpful husband is a perk. (step 5)
We need to determine, finally, in details exactly how and when we will spend time on this project, when evaluations take place along the way, and what to do in case of setbacks or victories, big or small. In short, we need a work plan. (step 6)
And finally we need to get off our ass and do it, godsdammit. (step 7 through 112,356,555 and then some)

And so, without further ado, I give you some of the images that prompt this project:

And for your entertainment also a bit of work in progress because otherwise we get dragged down and it’s a Friday morning and we don’t want to be dragged down. This is my bike on recycling:


6 thoughts on “We need a plan!

  1. You’re oh so brave to post those pictures! I’ve been working on this for a while but am running out of steam…hopefully you’ll inspire and motivate me 🙂


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