Goals and objectives

Time to identify the goals and objectives, as set out in our initial plan. This is always harder than it seems but since it forms the core of our project it is worth spending a bit of brain space on it.


Main goal:

To not let clutter, physical and/or mental, get in the way of my awesomeness.

That includes:

  • Clearing my house of unnecessary clutter and keep it sufficiently clear and organised for me and my minions (and my guy) to live comfortably.
  • Clearing my thoughts and subconscious perception of things that clog up a free stream of creative and constructive thoughts and solutions.
Ah. One of those things.
Ah. One of those things.

That means that these objectives must be met:

  1. All things in my house are either in use, to be used in the (near) future, or kept for sentimental reasons.
  2. All things in my house have a home where they belong, where they are safe and sound, and where they will be put (back) after each use.
  3. I have developed habits that enable me to reach the objectives above and keep them in place.

Let’s start with these.

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