Sometimes you just gotta get up and do it! Plans and methods? OVERRATED! implied-facepalm Okay maybe not. We were doing so well so far, might as well take it to the next step. Right, Tommy? Right. The next step would be determining the method we’ll be using for our project. Some of the ‘how’ I spoke about earlier under the title ‘Helpful advice’ (read it here). There are two sites/books/apps in particular that I singled out in order to make sense of this thing. One is Discardia, the other is Unfuck your Habitat (that autocorrect is constantly trying and failing to change into ‘unfrock’ although I don’t know how that makes things better). Discardia is the name of an international holiday of sorts, aimed at getting rid of the clutter in our lives. “Make room for awesomeness” is what we’re doing. Discardia includes a (e)book in which it is all explained. Unfuck your Habitat is a more forward, in-your-face and directly applicable tool to unclutter because “you’re better than your mess”. I probably am, and therefore I think. Not going too much into details, I will here only list those helpful practical things from both that I will use in my decluttering effort. Some will be added, dropped, altered or altogether ignored along the way. I don’t know yet. From Discardia: Decluttering everything. That means not just the home or the workspace, but also the mailbox, the daily routine, thoughts and habits, etc. Discardia as a way of life. Let it go! will be my motto.

Very original

The holidays. Discardia is organised around four ‘holidays’, a time period between the new moon and the solstice – or something – during which time full effort goes into decluttering the home, the mind and everything that needs it. I find the different dates and lengths of the holidays throughout the year confusing. I usually don’t keep track of the new moon, for instance. On the other hand I do usually keep track of the dates and I am also aware of solstices/equinoxes. They’re not that hard: 21 March, 21 June, 21 September, 21 December. Those would be the starts of the four seasons, easy as pie. I will borrow the seasons theme from Discardia, and make it my own. Discardia for me will be each week prior to the solstices/equinoxes. So that would be 14th until 21 of March for the first upcoming Discardia. I have marked those weeks in my calendar and hope to make extra Discardia efforts at those times. From Unfuck your Habitat: Put it away, godsdammit! It is a staple for every organising app or program or blog I have seen: after using something, put it back where it belongs. Maybe I have an urge to relocate stuff, maybe I want to provide it with new horizons and possibilities in life. I don’t know but this one is hard for me. I am trying! (Really sweetie, I am!) 20/10. Based on the title alone, you realise that the people behind UfyH are not messing about. On the other hand, they really seem to get their audience. UfyH is used by people who have serious mental issues and as a result find it hard to get up and do things. People suffering from depression or fatigue disorders. Also, lazy people. They realise that if you are going to ask people to spend hours every day scrubbing and sorting through the house, you’ve lost them. Permanently. And so they’ve come up with some pretty brilliant tools. One is 20/10: twenty minutes of work (without distractions) gets you ten minutes of wonderful guilt-free peace. Even if you do just one 20/10 it puts you ahead.

Oh shut up, this is not a competition.
Oh shut up, this is not a competition.

Random challenge. The app gives you a random challenge if you ask for it. “Wipe down all flat surfaces” or “Go through your medicine cabinet and throw away anything expired or gross. Wipe shelves and put items back in neatly.” You can pick a 5, 10 or 15 minute challenge and go. Strangely enough, it works. (More about UfyH here.) From myself: Nice makes nice. If the environment is nice and neat, people are more likely to keep it that way. Malcolm Gladwell described this in The Tipping Point. I hope to use this insight to my advantage by keeping once-cleared areas clear. This is HARD. Nobody said it was easy.

Ah, there is that button!
Ah, there is that button!

2 thoughts on “Method

  1. I was deeply disappointed pressing the easy button didn’t do all my housework for me 😉 Also, had never really twigged the solstice/equinox dates as the start of the seasons, but how much sense does that make! Yay 🙂


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