From the original ‘We need a plan!’ blog in which I identified context as one of the things we need to identify in order to devise an effective strategy for my Project Declutter:

We need to identify our context as well, both in terms of other projects (things like work, life and love, friends and family, the need for sitting on your ass with a cuppa tea once in a while) and other people. Two four-year-olds in the house is a challenge. A helpful husband is a perk. (step 5)

It was already established in the last blog post (and I apologise that it has been such a long time since) that this project extends beyond ‘just’ my home, with even my home already being a challenge as it is. Project Declutter is about finding or – failing that – creating clarity in my life: in my physical and mental space, work and free time, relationships and solitude.

Woods? What woods?
Woods? What woods?

Apparently, the tides of time are with me. I find decluttering as a theme all around me. Oprah’s O Magazine dedicated half the March issue to it. I kid you not:

She totally stole my idea.
She totally stole my idea.

Then last week, Dutch columnist/publicist Aaf Brandt Corstius made mention of her decluttering efforts and introduced Marie Kondo to me. (Dutch article here, behind a paywall. The Guardian also spent some attention to it, as did NYMag.) Kondo, apparently, is the first global declutter celebrity. Her methods come from a Japanese background and involve among other things the notion that things have souls (a very Japanese attitude) and for example that you should clean out your handbag entirely at the end of the day (and then thank it, of course). Reading that last bit, about the cleaning it out not so much the thankfulness towards the bag, made me realise that I might need to read that book. That and the very basic question that one needs to ask, Kondo says, for every item in the home: does it – still – ‘spark joy’? If no, get rid of it. No mention of plastic boxes or handy storage solutions: purge that home! Raaaaah!!! And so I ordered it. Will pick it up tomorrow. I will keep you posted.


Please note: the fact that this blog post is titled ‘Context’ yet has nothing to do with the context… is entirely coincidental within this blog’s theme. Heh.

One thought on “Context

  1. […] Last time I spoke about the book of Marie Kondo, with the irresistible, be it slightly over-ambitious title The life-changing magic of tidying up. (In Dutch: ‘Opgeruimd!’ – the title is horrendous but order it anyway, here for instance: support small bookshops!) I got it the next day and started reading at once. With my distractia in full swing these days, I was surprised how easy it was for me to read through the book in a few days. Most of it was read in a single afternoon/evening, and then it took a few more bites out of following days before I was done. And then, oh heavens yes, I wanted to purge my entire house of all things messy. […]


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