In which I dive into the magic of a tidy house, and take my declutter effort to the next level. Stay tuned!

Discardia season

Since the last blog two things have happened that are important in this Project Discardia effort that I am undertaking. ONE: I bought Marie Kondo’s book The life-changing magic of tidying up. TWO: It was Discardia season and I ended up celebrating it by taking it to a whole new level. In other words: I quit my job. At this stage, trying to declutter my life to find what is hidden underneath, it felt inevitable. I will be officially without work starting April 18 and although it frightens me ever so slightly, I also feel a kind of excited anticipation. Possibly because I will be able to take a few bigger steps on my road to Discardia Bliss.

But first things first: the How of tidying!


Last time I spoke about the book of Marie Kondo, with the irresistible, be it slightly over-ambitious title The life-changing magic of tidying up. (In Dutch: ‘Opgeruimd!’ – the title is horrendous but order it anyway, here for instance: support small bookshops!) I got it the next day and started reading at once. With my distractia in full swing these days, I was surprised how easy it was for me to read through the book in a few days. Most of it was read in a single afternoon/evening, and then it took a few more bites out of following days before I was done. And then, oh heavens yes, I wanted to purge my entire house of all things messy.

No not them.
No not them.

And the feeling hasn’t gone away or subsided even a little. The book really leaves one with a feeling of Everything Must Go. More than that, it hands the reader the most important tool for getting rid of everything she doesn’t need. It does that by turning things upside down. The primary selection tool for deciding if something must go or should stay in the house is this: does it Spark Joy? That’s right: unlike most methods on the market it doesn’t focus on “can I throw this out?” – like, did I wear this at all in the past six months? or does it still fit me? – but it turns it all around to: Do I really want this in my life? DOES IT SPARK JOY?

Step one: clothes

With this small but immensely powerful tool in hand (mind) I started applying the Konmari method to my clothing collection. That’s another useful thing: Marie Kondo provides us with a comprehensible list of categories of things to go through, and the order in which to tackle them. And so I yanked open my wardrobe and took all of the clothes out. Mind you, I already purged it a few months ago. The first result, which included shirts, pants, skirts and dresses? Three garbage bags stuffed full. Another round, hanging clothes, yielded another big bag for goodwill, another with suits for charity, and a pile of things I will either give away or sell.

That’s right, six bags in total.

Three bags full, just from the hanging clothes purge.


Did I have a lot of clothes? Apparently, but I don’t think it was excessive. I do think that I had of clothes that I didn’t particularly like. I wore them out of habit, or because at one time it fitted with the type of person I thought I wanted to be, or I didn’t wear them at all but didn’t have the heart to throw them out either. And now? Now I am left with clothes that I actually like, which means that I will always have something to wear. Next up: socks, underwear, accessories and shoes. Should be a breeze.

And then on to the next step: books. Yikes! There are books in the living room, in the basement in boxes, in the extra room, in the kids’ room, in my bedroom, in the kitchen, the little room…

Check out the visual progression of the decluttering effort on Instagram:

2 thoughts on “Magic!?

  1. Wow, about the job! Big, brave move – own choice?

    FWIW, I walked out of a soul-sucking job during an extended ‘decluttering’ (which also involved clearing out my ex-husband 😉 )…it was an excellent decision (both of them). Hopefully you will feel the same way too (about the job, not the husband!!)

    Another wow, for how much the minions have grown…talk about time slipping by unnoticed. Lovely to see the beautiful ladies, as always 🙂

    Finally, and to the point to the point of your post – good work and great progress! The mantra about actually liking the things you keep is an excellent one – particularly when it comes to getting rid of things that are there for only sentimental reasons.

    May your loins be sufficiently girded when it comes to the books – in my experience that’s a really difficult area to deal with. May the force be with you…


    • Yes my own choice. Haha! No, I am really just very lucky that I am now in a position where I can do this. I hope to hang on the husband and the minions – they have indeed grown a lot. The take me by surprise sometimes at how big they suddenly are.
      Live long and prosper.

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