As I am standing in the middle of the spreadeagled library that was once my living room, with piles of sorted books surrounding me and tripping me up at every turn, it occurs to me: Marie Kondo doesn’t give a hoot about books.

In her book, Kondo describes that she was left with only 30 books on her shelf after the great purge in her house. Thirty. Honey-sweet-pie, that’s my Terry Pratchett collection alone! The woman is mad. My kids have more books than that and their collection is only expanding. Books are valuable, books are interesting, books are sparkers for the brain engine.

They are also heavy, bulky and not always very relevant which is why I am still knowledgepurging the load of books I had. After all, books are repositories of knowledge and not the knowledge itself. I understand that. A lot of them are taking up valuable bookshelf real estate. I already did a whole round of book-recycling a few months ago during a charity book sale at my minions’ school so I figured I didn’t have all that much left. Turns out, I did. And another big load is leaving the house. But oh boy, I do keep more than 30!

Maybe I should’ve known when Marie Kondo listed the books category near the start of the purging exercise, when you still need to learn to let go. It is supposed to get harder as we progress but as it is, books are now in the list ahead of such things as make-up, cleaning equipment, stationery (no wait I get that) and kitchen supplies. Yeah, like they will be harder than this book pile…

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