What May come

Ah, the sweetness of May! I don’t know how it is where you are, dear reader, but around these parts May is really hitting it off. The park is now fully clothed in shades of green, there are flowery scents in the air and you can guess what’s on top of everyone’s mind.

Bet you forgot about the twins.

It was May Holidays (‘Meivakantie’) for the past two weeks and the girls loved it. We had ice cream (see above) and zoo visits (twice, different zoos) and swimming with grandma and sleepovers at the other grandma’s and good times and bad food. In short: everything nice.

In terms of Konmari, it was a disaster.

It is the last evening of the May Holidays. The girls have just gone to bed, although I can still hear them cracking jokes. I cleared the table after dinner, told my guy to have a good time at his friend’s house, turned on the dishwasher… And then I made the mistake of looking around me. At my house. At my living room, kitchen, hallway. Even my own bed is strewn with toys and books and – oh yes! – sand from their socks.


Tomorrow is the end of the holiday which means that I will have some free time. I fear I will spend it by trying to find the floor.

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