Tackling the paperwork

The paperwork has begun some time ago. I decided to take it one step at a time because my papers were scattered all over our place: in my closet, in another closet, on the desk, in storage downstairs… Everywhere. Gathering it in one place would have driven me insane. The sheer volume of it! And so I took on the bunch in my guy’s room first. Then I tackled the stuff in the living room, slowly complemented with what was in my secretaire (i.e. work closet), the shop shelves (because I also run a fun little webshop) and in storage. image I am still working on it. But I will tackle this. I will win! image There is one little snag though. Just because I throw most of it away, doesn’t mean it is instantly neat and tidy. A new order needs to be put into place if I want to get anything like sanity out of this. Which is kind of the point. Or was it clarity? Yeah that’s it. Sanity is too much to ask. Will update soon!

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