The end of the paperwork


There it is. The end of the line. I hoped it wouldn’t be long anymore until I arrived there and my prayers were answered: I have dug through the paperwork and come out on the other side, alive and feeling victorious. And vowing never ever to let it get so bad ever again.


See that little metal cabinet? See it? That’s where my papers are now. All of them, save some that we need to hold on to for administrative purposes but don’t need easy access to. Those are in storage. And that’s it. All that’s left is a veritable park of empty folders.

The cleansing of the folders has the added advantage that when I get new papers that need archiving now (new insurance policies for the running year, freelance agreements, tax papers, etc.) I now have a neat folder for it and I know exactly where that is.

For the rest of the papers, I am grateful for the shredder that kept working even though I feed it copious amounts of documents, and the recycling bin for paper that means that my clutter will one day return to life as a newspaper or toilet paper.

Next up: cd’s and dvd’s. Not nearly as frightening since most of that stuff is digital already.

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