Cd’s and dvd’s – as if.

Seriously, after the paperwork nothing will frighten me anymore. The cd’s and dvd’s, next up in Marie Kondo’s list of categories, were laughable in terms of dauntingness. Most of the audiovisual stuff is stored digitally now anyway, on harddisks instead of carriers like cd’s and dvd’s. My guy has a lot of them but since I am not tackling his stash in this effort, he can do that by himself. I won’t be bothered with it. It helps that he keeps them in his ‘own’ room.

I guess our tastes can be described as ‘eclectic’?

Which is why in our living room the whole collection of cd’s and dvd’s is now brought back to:

1. children’s dvd’s in the drawer underneath the tv – I did clear out some of the more infantile videos and/or those with the more obnoxious soundtracks. I firmly believe that my children should not be watching anything that makes my teeth on edge, even if they like it very much, because a grumpy mama makes for a bad mama. K3 on repeat is never a good thing.

2. two little piles of cd’s in the bookcase – mostly fun cd’s for in a car, like a rental, or stuff that makes me smile when I see it.

For your judging pleasure.







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