The Great Clearing

“She wandered through the woods until she came to a great clearing. There was a sudden lightness to the air while stars twinkled overhead…”

Nah, it isn’t like this piece of (badly written) fiction yet. I am still ankle-deep in clutter. But considering how I was once knee-deep, I am totally counting it as a victory so far. I never expected to make it to this sudden forest clearing, so to speak. Instead I expected to have been swallowed by a new wave of Ents by now, hopelessly flailing my limbs while they obstructed my every move.

Hm. Something tells me I need to flex my writing muscles again.

Yes you do.
Yes you do.

Of course I continued on my #konmari journey. I dug through my papers and crafts things, for example, and unearthed some real gems. My writing paper!

2015-06-29 a
So much joy was sparked when I gathered these together!


I found a whole box of postcrossing cards that I received and some are just too wonderful to be true.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

Meanwhile, as progress may be slow, I keep whatever steps I have made so far in place! It is easier now to put my clothes away, to keep the hallway (relatively) tidy, to file my letters and administration. This gives me motivation and therefore hope that I will in time tackle the rest of the house and storage as well. Just imagine what will happen if I get some use of my stored food and other supplies! (There is chocolate in there somewhere…) And what if I could actually walk into my walk-in closet! It is for storage, not clothes, but wouldn’t it be neat to reach the tp in the back of the closet without having to lean over two mini-bikes, a stack of old boxes, a mountain of plastic bags, a folding bike and a winter baby blanket that I still need to sell? It would!

This week I intend to sort through some of the twins’ toys and do away with their too-small clothes. For the rest, we’ll see when the time comes.

Meanwhile, the leek is blooming in the kitchen. It’s awesome! Check my Instagram for updates on the #kitchengarden. 😉


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