Gearing up

Today as I opened my secretaire – the one that holds the life I left behind when my room became the minions’ – something fell. The Konmari list that I had taped to its doors became detached and fluttered to the ground. It settled there on the floor, between my bed and the wardrobe next to my silver sneakers. I took this as a Sign. It is time to let go of Konmari, which definitely had its uses, and move on. I will no longer focus on decluttering and clearing out and cleaning and (heaven forbid!) organising. With the introduction of the Passion Planner comes a focus shift: looking ahead and setting a course.

Like so.
Like so.*

It is not that I don’t have any more clutter to get rid of. I still can’t hang my hammock because of all the stuff on the floor around it – it won’t swing. Tools, paint and other instruments of revolution and torture: a mess. Food and other supplies for survival and the oncoming apocalypse: half-done. The folding bike is still unsold as are the Lord of the Rings miniatures (want them? drop me a line!) A meditation schedule has not been established, and the workout routine is still at its pre-embryonic stage.

It is comparable to how Amy Poehler describes she has come a long way towards accepting her body: at about 15 to 20% it is considered major progress and something to celebrate. So there.

Bye bye Marie Kondo!
Hello No-Complaints Week!

On Monday starts my personal challenge of not uttering a single complaint for a full week. It will touch seamlessly with the Dutch national event of Complaints-Free Monday (#kvm) but considering how by then I will already have spent a whole WEEK of not complaining, I will get to complain about all the positivo’s on my social media timelines. That could be fun.

And now in order to get these things off my chest before the challenge starts, here are some of my current peeves, vexes and misgivings:

  • Rude people and rude children in particular: how hard can it be to hold the door open, you selfish downstairs neighbour girl who was always cute but never friendly?
  • People who steal bikes. Please return mine, the one with the blue ‘smile!’ stickers on, to its place in Amsterdam. There’s a good thief!
  • People who complain and then when you call them out on it tell them they were just pointing out how the situation could be improved. I’m just saying that you could start with the positive. Right?
  • Honestly, applications for funding are as fabricated and false as you would expect them to be considering the very survival of all we hold dear and spent our lives on building. Is there a way for us to cut the crap and talk real for a change?
  • Kids who whine. I’d rather have wine and people kidding.
  • Privileged people bitching if they want more but don’t immediately get it (because other people want some).
  • People who cut in line. It is stupid and rude and childish and it will save you 30 seconds in your day. Get a grip.
  • Sand in my bed.
  • Corporate greed. Political greed. Just greed in general, I guess. And people who still believe that trickle-down economics work. Please read up on human history, the feudal system and nineteenth century England (for instance) and check back. Thanks, you *ss.
  • Making a list for which I have been thinking up items for several days but not remembering them when I actually write the list down.

See you tomorrow, for day 1 of the No Complaints Week.

*I outfitted my Passion Planner with some fabric tabs I got at Hema. The pencil comes from The Carbon Crusader.)


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