No-complaints week: day 1

My day started with a cup of tea which was just perfect. The minion’s choice for peanut butter on her bread was just right, also for me. The shower was pleasant and my (home-made) deodorant continues to be pleasing and – most importantly! – effective throughout the day. I was happy that I could wear whatever I wanted because my minions really don’t mind how I look. In fact, they prefer it if I look funny. I am glad to say that my hair did indeed look funny today. It was the first day of my new planking challenge and it went splendidly. I remembered to note down the duration of the various planks so that I may improve myself over time.


The ice coffee I made myself after the short workout was exactly right and I enjoyed it. I did quite a few things around the house and the minions and me played a lot inside and outside as we went grocery shopping, stopped by the ‘iron lady’ (i.d. the lady who does our ironing, hehe), bought some baking supplies and positively skipped back home. Esmée got herself together reasonably quickly after a fallout with her sister – and me – and was her lovely self for the remainder of the day. Dinner was absolutely great: I made Thai food (or an approximation thereof) and it was pretty nice. The walk in the park after dinner was ‘gezellig’ (look it up) and the minions went to bed without much ado. Plus I have absolutely no trouble writing this down without having to scratch my brain or lie.

Can’t say it changed my life so far but who knows? The universe moves in mysterious ways.

2 thoughts on “No-complaints week: day 1

  1. I tried, to mixed success: apparently it’s very hard to have a conversation with my colleagues without being a bit of a griper – even if it is in semi-humorous tones. Will do better tomorrow 🙂

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