No complaints week: day 3

Oof. I’m not going to complain about it. But. I fear I may have broken my promise for this week a wee bit today and I may have whinged a little bit. It happens. It could have been worse, I guess, but if I go into that I might start to complain and that is a bit counterproductive. Yeah. Well, it wasn’t the worse day by far. Not by far! It was really a pretty good day. We got to hang out, bake little cakes and watch Tangled (Rapunzel) so that’s good. AND today was Great British Bake Off with the always-fabulous Biscuit Week so that was good fun. I closed the whole thing off with a letter to Cait in Boston so there. Good day all around, yeah? Yeah.



Good night. And good luck.


8 thoughts on “No complaints week: day 3

  1. I must confess to failing miserably at this yesterday afternoon/today. Windows update has broken my computer, and I’ve managed zero work OR to get it fixed yet. That’s got to be a special dispensation circumstance, right?! o_O On the plus side, it’s sunny…?!

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