No complaints week: update up to day 6

Okay. So I broke it. I broke the no-complaints week. It all came crashing down when, well, when everything came crashing down. I may be exaggerating slightly here. The fact is that some of my friends brought me some bad news (regarding themselves) and that just isn’t nice. I’m not going to be all tralalala folderolderaaa! when shit just happened to hit the fan for these people. While complaining may not be the best strategy either, I understand that. Still, if a good moaning session is what is needed, you will not find me wanted. What is happening to them sucks, and it sucks big time. Therefore: shit.

It happens.
It happens.

So I didn’t complain much about my own life and what was happening there. That wasn’t so hard; my life isn’t all that bad. And I am not a natural complainer. Sure, my minions can be loud and annoying vivacious. Sure, summer is good and dead over now. Sure, I am not on La Gomera working on my book for which I received a five-figure advance. Hey, contrary to common belief you can have it all – just not all at the same time. So I’m here quietly biding my time until I do.

Until SHE starts quoting ME.
Until SHE starts quoting ME.

Meanwhile, three weeks in and I love my Passion Planner. My gym membership – that I took mainly for the pool – starts tomorrow, as does school for the minions. I am reading (books!) again and loving it. It is already helping me write better. At least that’s what I think and since I haven’t had the courage yet to check with anyone else beyond the readers of this blog… Sending my stuff to other people to read will be the next step in my path toward becoming a better writer.

Another will be dashing headlong into the volume writing madness that is NaNoWriMo. If time allows in November. That should be fun again.

Plenty of plans. Some work lined up. Could use some more in the coming months but hopefully that will sort itself out. Breakfast at Meram’s tomorrow. Buying a second-hand twins bike as well. Working out and planning a date with the fitness coach. Phoning old friends for new plans. Outlining new stories and thinking up new schemes. It will be a good season.

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