What was


This. I get this prompt now every week from my – analogue, paper, realtime – planner. I am asked to reflect on my week by means of GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED. And so far every week I did my homework and sifted through my actions and inactions, happenings and experiences. How was my productivity? Do my minions still like me? Can I still find the floor? Have I made a complete fool of myself at the minions’ school somehow? Overall the questions tend to be so-so, yes, kind of and I hope not, respectively. I am calling it a Win.

The Planner does not ask about the negatives. No listing of one’s failures is required. No BAD THINGS THAT HAPPENED which means that I do not need to think back and in my mind go through all of the idleness, irritation, sandy bedsheets and awkwardness* (respectively) that this past week also brought me. And for that, Passion Planner, I am grateful.

*Yeah, it seems I wasn’t made for interparental contact. I suspected as much. Groups are not my thing. Poor minions.

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