Hands on

School has started. Lunch boxes are filled every day along with fruit snacks and drinks. Dinners are cooked (most of the time) and one can still see the floor here in our home. And now work is picking up again with both nearby challenges and future plans. In other words: summer is over. And so, it seems, is my mind vacation.

So what do we learn?*

We learn that taking a break can be beneficial but it is no miracle cure. We learn that I don’t want to work in theatre. We learn that the minions talk way too much and that this is probably a good thing but my mind is grateful that school has started because their voice frequency has a physical presence by now. We learn that they are still the awesomest creatures ever. We learn that a paper planner upstages anything digital by miles. We learn that snail mail is wonderful to receive and immensely rewarding to send.

We learn a million other things not the least of which is that the gods did not intend for me to be a Stay At Home Mom. To be a happy and successful SAHM requires a particular sort of mind and I don’t have such a one. So ta!

The other thing I have learned is that I need to learn things. Apart from the usual ongoing acquisition of life skills and knowledge – it is my goal in life to become wise which is nice and neat and something that ideally will never happen because if you think you’re wise you probably aren’t etc. – what I need it to actually learn very concrete new skills. Preferably skills for making stuff with my hands. I spend most of my working time behind a computer or talking with people. I need solo time working on making stuff. And so I made booklets.

It's a start.
It’s a start.

And mini walkthrough adventures, a start to making pop-up adventures maybe?

It’s a start.

They’re tremendous fun to make and I now have a hundred ideas in my head how to expand on this and improve it etc. All it takes is for me to keep making them and get better at it and improve and improve until… until infinity really. I have two artists in particular on my Facebook timeline who taught me that this is the way to go. I will show you what their endless practising brought them. They are heroes.

Stacy Morgan
Stacy Morgan – SP Morgen Studio
Shelly Bedsaul - Foole's Dream Studio
Shelly Bedsaul – Foole’s Dream Studio

*To get the reference, I (strongly) suggest you watch Burn after reading by the Coen brothers and watch it to the very end. It is hilarious. If you don’t want to wait, or if you have seen it and want to revisit what I’m talking about, here is the final scene with the CIA guys. The reflection bit starts at 2:30 and it’s something I use quite often. 😉

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