Great boobs: how to get them, how to keep them.

How to get great boobs: genes. And buy a good bra.

How to keep great boobs: buy a good bra.

Seriously, spend some serious money on that bra. Have yourself measured, listen to advice, go back if it’s not right after all, only keep it when you’re satisfied. Then start saving up for another good one. Because you’re worth it – and so are the girls.

End of transmission.

2 thoughts on “Great boobs: how to get them, how to keep them.

  1. I’m never sure on the policy with returns. Just trying bras on, they can feel fine – it’s only after the tags are removed and you’ve been wearing it for a couple of hours ‘properly’ that you realise this one is never coming out from the drawer ever again 😦


  2. Ah yes that is a problem. I find that I can adjust a lot of it by adding extra length to the straps etc. And sometimes, it’s true, it just doesn’t work. Better toss it out then.


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