Morning coffee

While we’re at it, doing this DIY & tips for better living (or at least boobs) thing, here’s what I do for coffee.

Cold brew coffee is supposed to be all the rage these days. I wouldn’t know, I am far from hip(ster) in every conceivable way. Which probably makes me hip again but I couldn’t tell you. It’s like being wise: you never know that you were until you’re dead. So anyway, the internet tells me it’s hip and probably happening and has low acidity and full flavours and I don’t know what else. What I know is that it is dead easy to make and that’s how I like it. So there you go.

Start with this.

You need coarse ground coffee. Not the fine stuff you put in your old-timey percolator but these big grains. Put them in a container of some sort with water in a 1:2 ratio. For example, one cup of coffee grounds to two cups of water. Do this kind of gently so you make sure all the grounds are soaked. Or shake it a few times, works too. (You want to put the cap or lid on for that, just a little tip.) Then cover the opening with cheesecloth or, like I do, with a tea filter. Because I’m tea hipster like that. And then comes the best part: you wait. For about twelve hours. Yes twelve. Just leave it on the counter. That’s it.

Then do this.
Then do this.

So let’s say you made this in the morning: then drip it in the evening. Likewise, soak it in the evening? Drip in the morning. It’s not like this is rocket science. All you need to do with your sleepy head (morning or evening) is put a filter on a jug and pour the water out of your container onto the filter. Don’t pour the grounds after them, you need just the coffee-soaked water, because…

…this takes forever.

Seriously, forever. So just pour the water in – if you also put the coarse grounds in there it will be even longer. Don’t be tempted to rush this process in any way. Remember: this is lazy coffee making. Spare your energy.

That’s it.

You’re done. Put this in the fridge. Then in the morning take a splash of this with some syrup if you want, add an ice cube and milk and start your day. A bottle like this will last almost a work week for me but that depends on how much coffee you need in the morning. Otherwise get your lazy bum off the couch in the evening after dinner and put some coffee and water in a bottle or cafetière (i.e. French press, works too!) and leave the dripping till morning. Because life is too short to worry about it for now.


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