Fast girl

It has been six days since my last post and they have been quite intense. I will not go into the details but I can say that I am quite tired. Drained. Yet hopeful. Someone told me in this past week that I would do myself some good by putting things on hold while I work on… other things. And that has been strangely liberating, if also a bit frightening. And then I found my mind doing what it usually does when faced with empty patches coming up: it started to fill them with new plans and schemes for things that should be ‘good for me’. Like, for example, a juice fast.

I know, I know.

I have a friend, Robbie, who does these things regularly. He drinks naught but juice for a week or so. I used to laugh at him (all in good spirits ’cause I love that guy) and tell him that it can’t be good to deprive your body of vital nutrients. I still think that but I also know now that my body is in good enough shape to cope with doing without some of those nutrients for a while. So why would I do this now? Hmmm. Let’s make a list.

I don’t believe in detox. The bowels don’t work like that.
I don’t believe in permanent weight loss or shape gain (…) from a fast. It will come back… fast.
I think that juices do not provide enough nutrition for the body. Also, fibres and chewing are something we kind of need. Really, we do.
I know that fruit juices in particular play merry hell with dental health.
I think it will be really hard.
I don’t even know if I like vegetable juice. I never tried. (Maybe I should do that first?)

Okay enough already! I get it! I… will still do it. Next week, I think, work and minions and health permitting. Which means that I have one more week to read up on this thing, plan my shopping and activities, and get ready. On the way I think I will very neatly avoid all those spacious moments of self-reflection and, you know, stuff. Minions, swimming, work trying to keep our floor into view and our kitchen from poisoning us, and a juice challenge – this could totally work.


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