Right. Off we go with the juice challenge!

Tomorrow, people! Tomorrow I am starting with the juice challenge. I have chosen to do the program from an app that was recommended to me: Jason Vale’s 5 day juice challenge. I am supposed to lose 5 pounds in those 5 days as well but I’m taking that with a grain of salt. After all, it’s shape I’m going after, not weight loss.

There it is.

I have bought all the ingredients I need for day One. Right now I’m still a little nervous about the logistics of the thing. I mean, how does one find time to make those juices and clean the machine(s) and exercise and also do those little tasks like getting the kids fed and moderately clean and fed and off to school etc. Honestly, getting logistics right is the trickiest thing in the world. I learned this when I had twins.

I have set up the juicer on Saturday and checked if I still knew how to work it. We have a fast juicer, not a slow one like Jason Vale has but it’ll do. I hope the blender keeps working. It staggered a bit a while back but seems to have recovered. I love my blender so I hope it will last until I die. Tonight I will prepare and measure the ingredients for tomorrow’s morning juice.

That is, if the app doesn’t crash.

This Jason fella seems to be all perked up about his juicing income method. His app, however, isn’t always so in the mood. I have had to re-install a few times now. That’s too bad because overall it seems to be a pretty spiffy app. It has daily videos to motivate me – I will need that despite not being not much of a guru follower – but moreover it has videos about how to make the juices. That will be useful. As will be the grocery list for the various days.

Tomorrow I will start the day with a ginger shot (argh), then get the kids to school, then go swimming, then get the ingredients for the other days, then go home and juice nr. one. Juices nr. 2 and 3 are the same so you can make a double batch and split it. Juice nr. 4 (‘dinner’) will be the same as nr. 1 so actually in the morning I will make a double batch of that as well so I won’t have to do it in the evening again. I will be working from home so that’ll be simple enough. For each day one ‘SOS emergency’ food is allowed, usually an avocado or a raw food bar. I have a feeling I will use my SOS daily. But that’s okay. Avocados are on the list. I absolutely love avocados.

Okay, I’m babbling because I am procrastinating. I need to get those ingredients in order. And then I will post regular updates here and on Instagram (see sidebar) so check in and support me! I need it.

6 thoughts on “Right. Off we go with the juice challenge!

    • Thanks! Actually I am also intrigued so that’s why I am trying it. Plus it promises me a flat belly. And maybe it will be a gateway to lowering my carbs intake. So, we’ll see.


  1. If you want to return the app for a refund, he sends you the juice videos during the challenges – he has one starting in just over a week (that’s the one I’ve signed up for). I loved the Super Detox Juice (I think that was it), with pineapple, apples, avocado blended in, and other smaller part of vegetables that were hidden by the fruit flavour. The beet one wasn’t bad, either.

    As I said on instagram: I kept my morning tea, and ate soup a few hours before I was ready to go to sleep. I still lost a bit of weight, and felt great. It would have felt like punishment, if I’d stopped drinking tea completely, and tried to sleep when feeling hungry. The soup was mainly lentil, cooked in the slow cooker, so everything was broken down.


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