Day one of the juice challenge: “Kill me now.”

That title might be a slight exaggeration.

Oh heavens. Five days of this. Oh dear… breathe in, breathe out!

The first juice of the day doesn’t really count. It’s a ginger kick to start the day. Meh, apple & ginger – been there, done that, not exactly my thing but hey. Can do.


And then I went about my morning, dropping the kids off at school, going swimming, getting a ship/tload of veggies and fruit for my other days, etc. You know, stuff. I was getting a bit faint by then, time for my ‘breakfast’.IMG_20150928_095548

The real first juice of the day was something called a ‘Turbo with a kick’. It’s a slightly sweet green smoothie. It’s nice enough and it contains avocado to sustain one. Cool. I like avocado. Bring it.IMG_20150928_102627

You see, this is what ‘one’ (1) batch of juice looks like. It’s massive! It’s a whole lot to drink! But I drunk it, and it got me through the morning’s work. And then around 12:30ish I got peckish. I had already gone through these little cravings that signify just how conditioned my body is to be wanting something to eat while I work. No body-o-mine, I don’t really need it! I diligently waited for one o’clock until my next juice was up.


Do not let the kermit-y silky smooth greenness of this drink deceive you. I found it… vile. That’s the word I’m looking for. Moreover because at first I thought it ‘kinda nice’ but its vileness crept up on me. And then the real stomper came: the realisation that every juice you make/drink, you make/drink twice. And so at four in the afternoon, there I was drinking that same vile concoction again. It is called ‘Natural energizer’ and it took the wind out of my sails. I put on a smile while drinking it because I have kids to impress but my insides…


Sigh. That doesn’t bode well for the other days. Still, I am persevering! At least for tomorrow. The only craving I am going to give in to right now (as I type this at 20h30) is something savoury. I need salt – and I am definitely not a salty eater. I know I will not be able to sleep if I don’t eat something else now so I will murder some chicken soup and then call it a day.

Luck wishes appreciated! xxx

5 thoughts on “Day one of the juice challenge: “Kill me now.”

  1. Depending on your blood pressure – you could always dissolve some rock/sea/pink Himalayan salt in water and drink that if you are craving salt. My blood pressure used to plummet with juice fasts and I’m too low anyway.


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