Day 2 of the juice challenge: Glad I’m not dead (yet).

So! After being off to a pretty good start (ahem), day two rolled around and it wasn’t so bad as day one. There. The juices were kind of tasty, both of them, and it would have been a fine day altogether if it weren’t for the fact that my three-day nauseating headache is now really starting to get to me. It can’t be sugar or caffeine withdrawal (yet) because I’ve had this since Sunday and I hadn’t even started then.

Which is why I totally had this Goodbye Brownie.

This morning I got up, reluctantly, and prepared sandwiches etc. for the minions’ breakfast and lunch. Somehow I got showered, they got dressed, we got in school on time – heaven knows how these things eventually happen but today they did. Amazing. And then I got to work. I made all the juices in one go because already after day 1 I had gotten tired of washing the juicer. The first one, for breakfast and dinner, was one with a not very promising name: Veggie Power. Oh dear. Another liquid salad.


You know? It wasn’t so bad! Of course after yesterday’s midday juice disaster I was expecting the worst but actually that isn’t fair. After all, the first/fourth of day 1 weren’t that bad either. In this one I could really taste the avocado! And that’s nice, even for drinking.

For the second/third juice of the day I was actually looking forward to it. It was called Ruby Tuesday (yes there were Stones references in the recipe, gah) and featured this:


That’s right: beets, carrots, basil, ginger, and that’s pineapple there in the upper left corner. It was a bit beet-y but okay. It wasn’t very filling though so at half past three I was starting to look forward to the next juice. I had it at four-thirty because kids. They have absolutely no consideration for the juicily challenged parent.

This is not wine.

And that concludes day two of this challenge. A day in which I didn’t do as much as I had hoped, in which I had both green and red juice, and in which I only cheated a bit once because I had a sweet when my kids had one. GAWDS! Yes I confess, I am a bad person. Yet if that’s the worst crime I committed so far, meh. Oh and I used my SOS avocado during the minions’ dinner. There was a pan of pasta with chicken and broccoli standing in front of me, what’s a girl supposed to do? Yeah.

Now looking forward to the morning/evening of day 3 because I get to have a banana yoghurt smoothie. Yay!

Thanks for the feedback and support. Much appreciated. xxx

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