Day 3 of the juice challenge: Still alive.

This will be a quick blog, written on my phone. It is 11 in the evening. I have spent my evening drinking delicious banana berry smoothy, feeding the minions and putting them to bed, calling my mum, watching The Great British Bake Off, making tomorrow’s juices (I will be working away from home) and then cleaning the juice machine for half an hour.
First things first. Juice nr. 1/4 was brilliant: a banana berry yoghurt smoothie is my kind of start to the day. No worries there.


The 2/3 juice was another one of those green concoctions. I have come to the conclusion that green smoothies were invented by people who were too lazy to chew. They looked at a green salad and went, meh, too much work. I’ll toss it in the blender.

Put Kermit in there as well, why not?

But they left out all the nice trimmings that usually go with a salad: a good dressing or vinaigrette, some bread, perhaps some cheese like feta or goat, some bacon or ham? Of course they did but it means that when you drink this green salad-with-no-frills, you get… just green. And we all know that it’s not easy being green.

Okay it wasn’t so bad.

Still it was a good thing that the day ended with the sweet banana berry drink. Or rather, with an SOS avocado on the couch while watching people bake during Chocolate Week. For that alone I think I should have lost five pounds.

Instant weight loss.

Then as I said I prepared tomorrow’s juices. That took about half an hour. And then I cleaned the juicer.


That’s another half hour of cleaning the damn kitchen. I swear, I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of all this it turns out that the hardest thing throughout was finding the motivation to clean this thing over and over.

G’night. And good luck.

3 thoughts on “Day 3 of the juice challenge: Still alive.

  1. That’s what stops me from getting started again: having to reassemble it (and make sure I find everything, after someone else has thrown pieces in the cupboard), or just having to clean it, and then reassemble.


    • Honestly? I was feeling okay, like usual mornings, until I got to the train station and felt myself wobble. Yup, maybe down is not where my blood pressure needs to go at this point. I am keeping it up but inserting a bit of savory into this diet. 🙂


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