Day 4 of the juice challenge: Let’s be sensible about this.

Dear internet,

It is with great sadness that I am here to tell you… No wait, I am not really all that sad although I do feel a little defeated. This morning as I strode into Sloterdijk train station to check the train times for Rotterdam I suddenly felt, well, weird. It was as if all the commuters were suddenly far off. My legs felt weird and when I blinked and closed my eyes the world moved. That is not supposed to happen, not on a Thursday morning during rush hour. This was not good.

I bought a coffee to up my blood pressure immediately. Don’t tell me about whole wheat and salads – when you think you’ll fall down at a train station, you want it fixed. I was fine after that and drank my juice on the train. It had a lot of vegetables in it. It was okay. It was also cleverly disguised as a cute water bottle.

Then I went about my day without trouble and had my ‘lunch’ during a meeting at a coffee place. It wasn’t much but it was pleasant: orange and mint and apples and ginger are not a bad combination, right? I was satisfied, not hungry, although still waiting for the promised energy rush by/after day 3. It didn’t happen.

And then I reached Amsterdam again and felt my legs go weaker and weak as I biked home until I felt like I was custard or jelly by the time I reached my kitchen. It was 3:15. Another 45 minutes until the next juice.

It’s not that I don’t think that the juice challenge cannot be done. Or even that it cannot be done by me. It is just that when you do a juice challenge, you need to keep an eye on several things. Your energy levels is just one thing because it is true that the juices don’t affect that much. I was a bit cranky on day one but that was all. I have not been particularly hungry either – no more than during other times when I decided to limit myself somewhat. Anyone who has ever vowed to say ‘no’ to sweets and snacks for a while, has experienced something similar.

No, what I am saying is that timing is everything. Isn’t it always?

When you’re being challenge physically already, don’t do the juice challenge. Yes I am talking about blood pressure and yes I am a woman and yes I am talking about that time of the moon etc. I haven’t measured it but I’m guessing that my blood pressure is making me wobbly and woozy and since I need to take care of two minions, and since taking care of other people means that you need to take care of yourself too, and since regardless of this caring/carer situation nobody wants to stand the chance of toppling over in a station or on the street or pretty much anywhere: I’m quitting.

Gah. I’ve come so far.

This isn’t sensible anymore. Five days is too much at this point and at this moment.

This evening I am having sausages and beans with the girls and the guy and maybe just maybe I will make the last juices tomorrow for breakfast and lunch. And maybe not.

Thanks for all the support! I hope you’re not too disappointed…

2 thoughts on “Day 4 of the juice challenge: Let’s be sensible about this.

  1. Not at all. I am surprised you made it this far! Granted, I’m nursing a baby, but I couldn’t function on just juice for 5 days. Not until the kids are much older…like 16 or so. Or if I were on vacation or something. But what sort of vacation is that?

    Good for you for trying. Now enjoy that dinner!

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  2. Well done for the attempt – and three days is still a juice fast, in my opinion! Actually, it’s kind of nice to see the real possible effects, and not just the ‘oh it’s so *cleansing*’ kind of comment.

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