Things I forget and then remember that I forget them

To read Make good art regularly.

Witches. And headology.

Shoes are for outside. Take them off inside.

Friends are good for my health and wellbeing.

It is okay if someone doesn’t like me. (And not necessarily my fault.)

To apply the basic principles of this article.

You can always play that something is a job and that will make it okay somehow.

There is no need to explain myself.

I need to take the washing out of the dryer. (This is one that I always forget, then remember, then forget again, only to remember again the next day. Seriously, I need a full-time maid. Or a helpful friend who will just knock on the door and remind me, and then go away again, like a good friend.)

One thought on “Things I forget and then remember that I forget them

  1. I know what you mean. I always forget how much listening to music can make me happier, and despite the “Oh, I must listen to more music!” when I’m reminded, I never do!

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