Cast-off Monday

This morning I forgot my keys as I stepped out of the house to get the minions to school. I kissed the husband goodbye, adjusted Lisa’s backpack and pressed the button for the elevator. It wasn’t until the cashier at the shop asked me for my discount card that I realised that the keys I had jangled in my pocket as I left the house, to ensure that I had them, were not my house keys but for my bike. My Fairphone was lying on the kitchen counter, charging the new battery because the old one had failed to load the night before. No way to reach the husband, or mother, or friend across the street – for I knew she would be working – I plodded homewards. With my bike keys in hand in my pocket I realised that I could bike to the husband’s work (about 30 mins), get his keys to gain access to mine, and then eventually bike back to him again to give his keys back because I had to catch a train and wouldn’t be back before he got home. All while I had a ton of things still left to do before the train left. While I was thus prodding my brain to come up with alternative solutions, and decided to give my friend’s house a try anyway, I spotted her biking down the street at high speed. My saviour! She stopped, luckily because she was in a hurry, and handed me her house keys so I could fetch mine. She dropped by later on to pick them up again, her own and my spare set. And this, kids, is how a minor disaster can turn a frown upside down.

Have a good week everyone!

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