The fault

Brexit happened. A lot of emotional reactions appeared on the timeline. A few stabs at humor but mostly misery. A bit of cautious forecasting and a lot of doom. A whole lot of blame game. Boris and Nigel. Dave. The whole EU. Part of the EU. Stupid people. Poor people. Public schools on Britain. Mad cow disease in the nineties. So far nobody blamed the weather yet. 

Me, I have no blame to place. It was a game that was played as a chicken game but should have been a co-op. The regret, now, seems to be all-encompassing except in those who either feel that this will fix all, or that it will destroy all and then fix all. I hope they are right. We can’t go back.

One thought on “The fault

  1. These are certainly those kind of ‘interesting times’ people get cursed with. I think the current uncertainty about whether it can all be undone isn’t helping at the moment, to be honest, even though I’d like to wake up and find it was all a bad dream. Maybe I should be pursuing duel nationalities right now!


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