Day 4 of the juice challenge: Let’s be sensible about this.

Dear internet,

It is with great sadness that I am here to tell you… No wait, I am not really all that sad although I do feel a little defeated. This morning as I strode into Sloterdijk train station to check the train times for Rotterdam I suddenly felt, well, weird. It was as if all the commuters were suddenly far off. My legs felt weird and when I blinked and closed my eyes the world moved. That is not supposed to happen, not on a Thursday morning during rush hour. This was not good.

I bought a coffee to up my blood pressure immediately. Don’t tell me about whole wheat and salads – when you think you’ll fall down at a train station, you want it fixed. I was fine after that and drank my juice on the train. It had a lot of vegetables in it. It was okay. It was also cleverly disguised as a cute water bottle.

Then I went about my day without trouble and had my ‘lunch’ during a meeting at a coffee place. It wasn’t much but it was pleasant: orange and mint and apples and ginger are not a bad combination, right? I was satisfied, not hungry, although still waiting for the promised energy rush by/after day 3. It didn’t happen.

And then I reached Amsterdam again and felt my legs go weaker and weak as I biked home until I felt like I was custard or jelly by the time I reached my kitchen. It was 3:15. Another 45 minutes until the next juice.

It’s not that I don’t think that the juice challenge cannot be done. Or even that it cannot be done by me. It is just that when you do a juice challenge, you need to keep an eye on several things. Your energy levels is just one thing because it is true that the juices don’t affect that much. I was a bit cranky on day one but that was all. I have not been particularly hungry either – no more than during other times when I decided to limit myself somewhat. Anyone who has ever vowed to say ‘no’ to sweets and snacks for a while, has experienced something similar.

No, what I am saying is that timing is everything. Isn’t it always?

When you’re being challenge physically already, don’t do the juice challenge. Yes I am talking about blood pressure and yes I am a woman and yes I am talking about that time of the moon etc. I haven’t measured it but I’m guessing that my blood pressure is making me wobbly and woozy and since I need to take care of two minions, and since taking care of other people means that you need to take care of yourself too, and since regardless of this caring/carer situation nobody wants to stand the chance of toppling over in a station or on the street or pretty much anywhere: I’m quitting.

Gah. I’ve come so far.

This isn’t sensible anymore. Five days is too much at this point and at this moment.

This evening I am having sausages and beans with the girls and the guy and maybe just maybe I will make the last juices tomorrow for breakfast and lunch. And maybe not.

Thanks for all the support! I hope you’re not too disappointed…

Day 3 of the juice challenge: Still alive.

This will be a quick blog, written on my phone. It is 11 in the evening. I have spent my evening drinking delicious banana berry smoothy, feeding the minions and putting them to bed, calling my mum, watching The Great British Bake Off, making tomorrow’s juices (I will be working away from home) and then cleaning the juice machine for half an hour.
First things first. Juice nr. 1/4 was brilliant: a banana berry yoghurt smoothie is my kind of start to the day. No worries there.


The 2/3 juice was another one of those green concoctions. I have come to the conclusion that green smoothies were invented by people who were too lazy to chew. They looked at a green salad and went, meh, too much work. I’ll toss it in the blender.

Put Kermit in there as well, why not?

But they left out all the nice trimmings that usually go with a salad: a good dressing or vinaigrette, some bread, perhaps some cheese like feta or goat, some bacon or ham? Of course they did but it means that when you drink this green salad-with-no-frills, you get… just green. And we all know that it’s not easy being green.

Okay it wasn’t so bad.

Still it was a good thing that the day ended with the sweet banana berry drink. Or rather, with an SOS avocado on the couch while watching people bake during Chocolate Week. For that alone I think I should have lost five pounds.

Instant weight loss.

Then as I said I prepared tomorrow’s juices. That took about half an hour. And then I cleaned the juicer.


That’s another half hour of cleaning the damn kitchen. I swear, I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of all this it turns out that the hardest thing throughout was finding the motivation to clean this thing over and over.

G’night. And good luck.

Day 2 of the juice challenge: Glad I’m not dead (yet).

So! After being off to a pretty good start (ahem), day two rolled around and it wasn’t so bad as day one. There. The juices were kind of tasty, both of them, and it would have been a fine day altogether if it weren’t for the fact that my three-day nauseating headache is now really starting to get to me. It can’t be sugar or caffeine withdrawal (yet) because I’ve had this since Sunday and I hadn’t even started then.

Which is why I totally had this Goodbye Brownie.

This morning I got up, reluctantly, and prepared sandwiches etc. for the minions’ breakfast and lunch. Somehow I got showered, they got dressed, we got in school on time – heaven knows how these things eventually happen but today they did. Amazing. And then I got to work. I made all the juices in one go because already after day 1 I had gotten tired of washing the juicer. The first one, for breakfast and dinner, was one with a not very promising name: Veggie Power. Oh dear. Another liquid salad.


You know? It wasn’t so bad! Of course after yesterday’s midday juice disaster I was expecting the worst but actually that isn’t fair. After all, the first/fourth of day 1 weren’t that bad either. In this one I could really taste the avocado! And that’s nice, even for drinking.

For the second/third juice of the day I was actually looking forward to it. It was called Ruby Tuesday (yes there were Stones references in the recipe, gah) and featured this:


That’s right: beets, carrots, basil, ginger, and that’s pineapple there in the upper left corner. It was a bit beet-y but okay. It wasn’t very filling though so at half past three I was starting to look forward to the next juice. I had it at four-thirty because kids. They have absolutely no consideration for the juicily challenged parent.

This is not wine.

And that concludes day two of this challenge. A day in which I didn’t do as much as I had hoped, in which I had both green and red juice, and in which I only cheated a bit once because I had a sweet when my kids had one. GAWDS! Yes I confess, I am a bad person. Yet if that’s the worst crime I committed so far, meh. Oh and I used my SOS avocado during the minions’ dinner. There was a pan of pasta with chicken and broccoli standing in front of me, what’s a girl supposed to do? Yeah.

Now looking forward to the morning/evening of day 3 because I get to have a banana yoghurt smoothie. Yay!

Thanks for the feedback and support. Much appreciated. xxx

Day one of the juice challenge: “Kill me now.”

That title might be a slight exaggeration.

Oh heavens. Five days of this. Oh dear… breathe in, breathe out!

The first juice of the day doesn’t really count. It’s a ginger kick to start the day. Meh, apple & ginger – been there, done that, not exactly my thing but hey. Can do.


And then I went about my morning, dropping the kids off at school, going swimming, getting a ship/tload of veggies and fruit for my other days, etc. You know, stuff. I was getting a bit faint by then, time for my ‘breakfast’.IMG_20150928_095548

The real first juice of the day was something called a ‘Turbo with a kick’. It’s a slightly sweet green smoothie. It’s nice enough and it contains avocado to sustain one. Cool. I like avocado. Bring it.IMG_20150928_102627

You see, this is what ‘one’ (1) batch of juice looks like. It’s massive! It’s a whole lot to drink! But I drunk it, and it got me through the morning’s work. And then around 12:30ish I got peckish. I had already gone through these little cravings that signify just how conditioned my body is to be wanting something to eat while I work. No body-o-mine, I don’t really need it! I diligently waited for one o’clock until my next juice was up.


Do not let the kermit-y silky smooth greenness of this drink deceive you. I found it… vile. That’s the word I’m looking for. Moreover because at first I thought it ‘kinda nice’ but its vileness crept up on me. And then the real stomper came: the realisation that every juice you make/drink, you make/drink twice. And so at four in the afternoon, there I was drinking that same vile concoction again. It is called ‘Natural energizer’ and it took the wind out of my sails. I put on a smile while drinking it because I have kids to impress but my insides…


Sigh. That doesn’t bode well for the other days. Still, I am persevering! At least for tomorrow. The only craving I am going to give in to right now (as I type this at 20h30) is something savoury. I need salt – and I am definitely not a salty eater. I know I will not be able to sleep if I don’t eat something else now so I will murder some chicken soup and then call it a day.

Luck wishes appreciated! xxx

Right. Off we go with the juice challenge!

Tomorrow, people! Tomorrow I am starting with the juice challenge. I have chosen to do the program from an app that was recommended to me: Jason Vale’s 5 day juice challenge. I am supposed to lose 5 pounds in those 5 days as well but I’m taking that with a grain of salt. After all, it’s shape I’m going after, not weight loss.

There it is.

I have bought all the ingredients I need for day One. Right now I’m still a little nervous about the logistics of the thing. I mean, how does one find time to make those juices and clean the machine(s) and exercise and also do those little tasks like getting the kids fed and moderately clean and fed and off to school etc. Honestly, getting logistics right is the trickiest thing in the world. I learned this when I had twins.

I have set up the juicer on Saturday and checked if I still knew how to work it. We have a fast juicer, not a slow one like Jason Vale has but it’ll do. I hope the blender keeps working. It staggered a bit a while back but seems to have recovered. I love my blender so I hope it will last until I die. Tonight I will prepare and measure the ingredients for tomorrow’s morning juice.

That is, if the app doesn’t crash.

This Jason fella seems to be all perked up about his juicing income method. His app, however, isn’t always so in the mood. I have had to re-install a few times now. That’s too bad because overall it seems to be a pretty spiffy app. It has daily videos to motivate me – I will need that despite not being not much of a guru follower – but moreover it has videos about how to make the juices. That will be useful. As will be the grocery list for the various days.

Tomorrow I will start the day with a ginger shot (argh), then get the kids to school, then go swimming, then get the ingredients for the other days, then go home and juice nr. one. Juices nr. 2 and 3 are the same so you can make a double batch and split it. Juice nr. 4 (‘dinner’) will be the same as nr. 1 so actually in the morning I will make a double batch of that as well so I won’t have to do it in the evening again. I will be working from home so that’ll be simple enough. For each day one ‘SOS emergency’ food is allowed, usually an avocado or a raw food bar. I have a feeling I will use my SOS daily. But that’s okay. Avocados are on the list. I absolutely love avocados.

Okay, I’m babbling because I am procrastinating. I need to get those ingredients in order. And then I will post regular updates here and on Instagram (see sidebar) so check in and support me! I need it.

Fast girl

It has been six days since my last post and they have been quite intense. I will not go into the details but I can say that I am quite tired. Drained. Yet hopeful. Someone told me in this past week that I would do myself some good by putting things on hold while I work on… other things. And that has been strangely liberating, if also a bit frightening. And then I found my mind doing what it usually does when faced with empty patches coming up: it started to fill them with new plans and schemes for things that should be ‘good for me’. Like, for example, a juice fast.

I know, I know.

I have a friend, Robbie, who does these things regularly. He drinks naught but juice for a week or so. I used to laugh at him (all in good spirits ’cause I love that guy) and tell him that it can’t be good to deprive your body of vital nutrients. I still think that but I also know now that my body is in good enough shape to cope with doing without some of those nutrients for a while. So why would I do this now? Hmmm. Let’s make a list.

I don’t believe in detox. The bowels don’t work like that.
I don’t believe in permanent weight loss or shape gain (…) from a fast. It will come back… fast.
I think that juices do not provide enough nutrition for the body. Also, fibres and chewing are something we kind of need. Really, we do.
I know that fruit juices in particular play merry hell with dental health.
I think it will be really hard.
I don’t even know if I like vegetable juice. I never tried. (Maybe I should do that first?)

Okay enough already! I get it! I… will still do it. Next week, I think, work and minions and health permitting. Which means that I have one more week to read up on this thing, plan my shopping and activities, and get ready. On the way I think I will very neatly avoid all those spacious moments of self-reflection and, you know, stuff. Minions, swimming, work trying to keep our floor into view and our kitchen from poisoning us, and a juice challenge – this could totally work.