Reading and writing

Some time ago a sweet friend got me a Passion Planner. I had wanted one for some time, as did she, and then she went ahead and ordered one and got one for me and I am very grateful. It is a wonderful tool. It is a planner, yes, but one that also challenges the user to eke out her/his passions and plan actions accordingly. In a what do you REALLY want to do with your life? kind of way. Which is dead useful for people like me who always seem to bob down the stream of life, no sharp turns or clear decisions, just wondering what will happen next.

Huh, okay, I’ll take that one.

The Passion Planner (see more here) allows you to check in with your passion road map from time to time. On a weekly basis mostly, with monthly checks of looking back and ahead. Again, dead useful. I find it relaxing to check in with the planner (almost) every night before I sleep so I know that I’m on the right track and making progress. If I’m not making progress, I’ll plan some steps in the coming days to make sure that I am. On Sunday I mark all of my pencilled in plans and ambitions and see how they fit. I put some thoughts into how to make progress on my goals (currently mainly health/fitness, work and improving my writing). I feel all grown up and responsible and I still get to use coloured pens. It’s marvellous.

It's like a #nomakeup #selfie for stationery and planners.
It’s like a #nomakeup #selfie for stationery and planners.

Of course, I still don’t do everything I plan to do. With two minions at home, how does one meditate? The gym will also have to wait until school starts. But I have been taking steps towards better writing by reading more. I am reading Amy Poehlers Yes please! and it’s brilliant. She is teaching me about courage and fun and embarrassment and picking your currency (although I am not ugly, my pretty face is not my selling point). She makes me want to go see improv – heck she makes me want to join that show! Hm, maybe if I ever get to one of those #100thingsthatscareme challenges. Anyway, I am learning a lot. And I love it. So yay! Passion Planner.

And that’s when you realise

Time flies. It has been a little over two months since I started the Konmari exercise here in my home. It has also been a little over two months since I quit my job as a children’s theatre programmer (or ‘curator’ if you want the fancy title) because it wasn’t contributing to my journey up the mountain. As Neil Gaiman would put it and he gives a lot of thought to these things plus he is quite an intelligent man so I am inclined to believe him. I also believe that, to quote Tolkien, not all who wander are lost. Read More »

Cd’s and dvd’s – as if.

Seriously, after the paperwork nothing will frighten me anymore. The cd’s and dvd’s, next up in Marie Kondo’s list of categories, were laughable in terms of dauntingness. Most of the audiovisual stuff is stored digitally now anyway, on harddisks instead of carriers like cd’s and dvd’s. My guy has a lot of them but since I am not tackling his stash in this effort, he can do that by himself. I won’t be bothered with it. It helps that he keeps them in his ‘own’ room.

I guess our tastes can be described as ‘eclectic’?

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What May come

Ah, the sweetness of May! I don’t know how it is where you are, dear reader, but around these parts May is really hitting it off. The park is now fully clothed in shades of green, there are flowery scents in the air and you can guess what’s on top of everyone’s mind.

Bet you forgot about the twins.

It was May Holidays (‘Meivakantie’) for the past two weeks and the girls loved it. We had ice cream (see above) and zoo visits (twice, different zoos) and swimming with grandma and sleepovers at the other grandma’s and good times and bad food. In short: everything nice.

In terms of Konmari, it was a disaster.Read More »

Onwards and upwards!

It has been quiet on the Konmari front over here. My last weeks at various (freelance) jobs were demanding. I wanted to leave everything behind properly since I didn’t want to burden my former colleagues too much with my departure. That resulted in a final sprint that left little room for anything else in my mind, as lots of space is also taken up by managing the minions. It also resulted in a slightly slacker attitude towards maintaining the organisation in my house, and in the end some upkeep was needed. It wasn’t so bad as it could have been, however, and I am glad for it.Read More »


The current number of full garbage bags that I threw out (or am about to throw out):

– 6 bags of clothing (donated)
– 1 bag of socks, tights and underwear
– 1 bag of accessories
– 1 bag of cosmetics

Gave away:
– 1 pair of regular pants
– 2 pairs of capoeira pants
– make up remover, 2 bottles
– various lotions etc. (package for friend)
– various jewelry
– bath set
– face cream

– kids’ walking bike, pink

UPDATE: I will continue the tally in the widget on the right…