You think your twenties were/are awkward? B*tch please. Try them with no boobs and whiffy pits. ‘Cause, you know, my awesomenesses were a bit late (they worked all right in the end yeah!) and for some reason all deodorants stopped working on me all of a sudden. I’d stop after just a few hours working and wonder if I’d put any on at all. And I always had, it just didn’t do anything. And that, ladies and gents, is a real bitch if you’re also in the middle of twenty-something existential Angst. It took me ages to find something that worked, Lush, and that cost me an arm and a leg and had so much scented oils in it that eventually it just hurt to put it on. Not ideal. And then… the internet came to my rescue.

I do.
I do.

What I want a deo to do is stop me from being odorously obvious to other people. That’s it. I don’t want to clog any pores ’cause, you know, sweating has a purpose. I don’t need it to give me a nice scent ’cause, you know, I can use perfumes for that. So what I’m looking for is something that cancels any dying-skin-bacteria (i.e. sweat) smells and then lets me go on my merry ways. The following ‘recipe’ is incredibly simple, cheap and one small batch lasts at least two months. BAM!

What you need.

All readily available. In the Netherlands (where I am) you might not find this brand of baking soda in the supermarket but just go to any toko, Chinese supermarket or Surinam place and they’ll have it. I prefer this brand because the powder is really fine and you want it to be as fine as possible. Coarse grains = not an option. Coconut oil: whatever brand you prefer. You can also use that for your skin, for cooking and baking and a million other things. Cornstarch: again, fine powder is what you need. Other than that: meh.

  • Take 1/4 cup of baking soda.
  • Mix it with 1/4 cup of cornstarch.
  • Mash in coconut oil tablespoon by tablespoon until you get something nice and creamy. Up to 6 tbsp is common but I tend to use less, up to 4 tbsp.
  • That’s it.
Now just put it in a jar.
Now just put it in a jar.

The thing with coconut oil is that it has a very low melting point so if it’s too solid, just keep mashing and it’ll soften. Also it means that when you’re making this when it’s warm, use a little less because it will solidify a little more when the temperature drops. This works the other way too. So better leave it a bit chunky at first. You can always add a bit more coconut oil later if it doesn’t stick. Too much oil and you stand a (small) chance of getting oil on your clothes so I try to limit that.

Every morning after shower or wash, take a small pea sized bit and smear it under the pits. Done! You don’t smell of anything unless you put on a scent yourself. You can add a few drops of essential oil to this recipe if you want. Lemon oil is recommended for its disinfectant properties – if you think you need it, go right ahead. Personally I don’t need to smell of lemons during the day unless I am baking a lemon pie but hey, whatever makes you tick.

Next up will be ‘shampoo’.  Yay! 😉