On the binding of books

In my last post here I promised some visuals of my bookbinding. I failed to post them. Hoping to redeem myself, here are some.


This one is a text block (i.e. the inside of a notebook) I made with lined paper, silver thread and satin ribbons. I put the cover on this today and the whole is drying as I write this, pressed underneath a big pile of books. Like below. I will show the finished book when it is dr



Yeah I tried to make a bookpress with two planks (actually Ikea cutting boards) but I learned two things from that. 1) Drilling a hole in an exact 90° angle is hard. 2) Cutting boards from Ikea are pre-oiled. So cover your work with something to absorb the oil.



Sorry I cannot get the picture straight. I got this notebook almost right with only some glue stains on the cover. I bought the paper for this one, as well as the linnen, at the bookbinder’s fair in Leiden not so l


ong ago.

Not a book but a folder for small-scale artwork like aceo’s and postcards. I wanted to try this out. The inside is white with


black dots.

I made this reporter’s notebook or sketchbook with some of the simple paper that I bought in Japan in 2009. The spine is open. I used coptic stitching. I realised that I prefer a booklet with the spine bound in and not open. My earlier try with coptic stitching was not a huge success either.


I made this one with a ribbon attached. I liked it very much. I gave it to a friend who gave me back the first edition Graveyard Book that I had accidentally gifted her. Oops!


Work in progress. There is lots of waiting for things to dry in this game. Which is good because I have another million things to do in my life. Like blog a little now and then. I did not include all of my work here and there is more Instagram but I am sure more will appear here as well. Look forward to hearing from you!


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